terça-feira, novembro 09, 2004

O mistério da "Rosa Azul"

Encontrei este poema, penso que na sua versão original. É um poema muito belo e inspirador. Estive para fazer uma tradução livre do mesmo mas, penso que cada um faça a sua tradução e sinta as palavras no seu todo, na sua origem.

"The mystery of the "Blue Rose"

The mystey of the blue rose,
is something few can understand.
It brings forth a special magic
into this barren land.
In all its beauty and its splendor,
there`s so much more we cannot see.
The bule rose holds the answer
to the maze of fantazy.
To see a blue rose in this world,
would be the moste amazing sight!
Because my friends you have to realize,
the chances of that are slight.
But these people do not believe.
These people do not care,
that the sight of a blue rose,
means that magic is in the air.
They cannot see the gypsies,
hiding behind the tree.
They just don`t understand, you see.
Come my friends, we must unite!
To help these people dream.
About the mystery of the blue rose, and the things they`ve never seen.

(autor desconhecido)

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